Herodia Watches

Herodia Watches


Herodia, a watch brand born in 1948 in the Swiss watch-making town of Reconvilier by Henri Bargenter, is now entering a new phase of its life under the ownership of the Maggi family of Milan. 

The classic styling of Herodia is a modern interpretation of the sports watch trends of the 50's and 60's with all the components strictly "Swiss Made".

Henri Bargenter, a mechanical watch-maker in the Jura Valley of Switzerland, founded 'Montres Herodia' in 1948. Two years later in 1950, Herodia moved to Eaux-Vives Square, located in Genève. 

Within a few years, Herodia's distribution had spread across Europe, the United States and even Asia. 

Herodia had a special interest in the use of sophisticated movements such as the Lemania (1960s to 1970s), and the Valijoux. But what really set them apart was their utilization of unique and varied watch cases.

Inspired by the values of Swiss watch manufacturing, Herodia is back on a path to become outstanding again. And to this end, the whole manufacturing process, from design to production, is carried out in Switzerland by master watch-makers.

The revival of the brand has already caught the attention of the Italian Army and Herodia is now producing watches for the troops and special corps.

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