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A DAVOSA watch is instilled with more than 150 years of the finest Swiss watchmaking history, even though the birth year of the DAVOSA name was in fact 1993. This was the year in which the Swiss Hasler family joined forces with Friedrich-Wilhelm Bohle, a German entrepreneur who had been a successful watch distributor since the 1960s.

It was a meeting of like minds from the start: both Friedrich-Wilhelm Bohle and his Swiss business partners were passionate about mechanical watches. Their fruitful cooperation resulted in a small and select collection of mechanical watches that was issued under the new brand name: DAVOSA. The collection was an instant success, acclaimed by customers, retailers and the trade press alike. Subsequent collections went on to write their own chapter of the brand’s success story.

Today the DAVOSA brand offers a comprehensive spectrum of both elegant and sports orientated watches. DAVOSA still operates as an independent, family-run concern to ensure continuing high standards of technology and design, and to share their passion for uncompromising watches with all customers.

Davosa Watch News

Davosa Argonautic Coral Limited Edition Dive Watch

Davosa Argonautic Coral Limited Edition

The striking, bright orange and turquoise blue dials of Davosa's Limited Edition Argonautic Coral dive watch are reminiscent of fluorescent corals. And revenues from this collaboration with Coral Guardian go directly to support the restoration of the coral reef on Hatamin Island in Indonesia.
DAVOSA Ternos Professional GMT TT

DAVOSA Ternos Professional GMT TT

The ability to display a second time zone in addition to your current time, also known as a GMT function, has become one of the most popular additional functions of mechanical wristwatches in recent years. It was therefore a logical move for Swiss watch manufacturer DAVOSA to equip its successful Ternos Professional series with this sought-after function. The Ternos Professional from DAVOSA is a true professional, equipped to accompany every diver effortlessly into the depths, transforming itself into a real eye-catcher after punctually resurfacing.
DAVOSA Ternos Professional Matt Suit Limited Edition

DAVOSA Ternos Professional Matt Suit Limited Edition

The design, quality and functionality of DAVOSA’s Ternos Professional diver’s watch have generated a large fan following in no time at all. The main distinguishing feature of the new Matt Suit edition is that every detail of the watch, from the case to the dial to the hands, has been given a fine satined finish. This design variant is a limited edition of only 500 pieces.
DAVOSA Ternos Sixties

DAVOSA Ternos Sixties

Davosa is reviving the spirit of the 1960s with the Sixties edition of its popular Ternos diver’s watch. In this edition, the Swiss manufacturer of high-quality mechanical watches focuses not only on materials and design, but also on how the watch feels on the wrist, in a bid to revive the carefree decade during which freedom in lifestyle and fashion became so important.

Davosa Argonautic Coral Dive Watch

Davosa Watches

Davosa - Abel Frédéric Hasler

Davosa - Paul Hasler

Davosa - Paul Hasler Terminages d'Horlogerie

The sons of the founder, Wilfred and Eric Hasler

Davosa - Hasler & Co.

Davosa - 2002 - Small series calibres with special complications join the collection



The DAVOSA star is actually a stylized compass rose, a historical nautical symbol that protects the bearer and ensures that he or she follows the right path to return home without harm; for DAVOSA, a symbol of arriving safely at your destination or achieving what you have planned, regardless of adversity and obstacles. The compass rose: a symbol for water sports, for resilience, for dependability, and for an adventurous spirit.


The Hasler family consisted of four brothers. In 1881, the youngest brother, Abel Frédéric Hasler (born in 1861), began manufacturing a small series of silver pocket watch cases with the greatest precision craftsmanship. Six of his sons went on to inherit his watchmaking talent.


For one of his sons, Paul Hasler (1883-1977), watchmaking became both a passion and a vocation. Even as a small child he was fascinated by the complicated watches he found on his father’s workbench. He went on to found his own company, ‘Paul Hasler Terminages d’Horlogerie’, which specialised in watch assembly for prestigious timepiece brands. David Hasler (1897-1951), who had been working for his brother Paul as technical director for many years, bought a stake of the company in 1946. This move marked the beginning of ‘Hasler Frères’.


Business prospered and in 1961 a third generation of Haslers, Wilfred and Eric Hasler, joined the business as joint partners. During the 1970s, Swiss watchmaking came under intense pressure from the Far East as the technical revolution brought about by the introduction of the quartz watch ousted traditional mechanics almost entirely. In response to this new market demand, ‘Hasler & Co S.A.’, a legal entity since 1974, began incorporating quartz watches into its product range.


1993 marked the start of the sustainable development of the DAVOSA brand. 1993 was also the year in which ‘Hasler & Co S.A.’ began cooperating with watch distributor Bohle GmbH, active in the German market since the 1960s. The mechanical watch was already experiencing something of a renaissance, so a select collection of mechanical timepieces under the brand name DAVOSA was an instant success. Further collections followed on from this initial triumph.


Corinna Bohle took over strategic brand development for DAVOSA in 2000. One result of the new brand positioning and a special milestone in the history of the brand was the first limited series DAVOSA Panamericana, issued in 2002. The series can now be found in the portfolios of prestigious watch collectors around the globe.

Today the DAVOSA brand, managed as an independent, family-run company, has a strong worldwide presence and has become an integral part of the mechanical watch world.


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A Passion For Beautiful Watches

At DAVOSA Swiss, they build watches for people who are fascinated by them. With a great deal of expertise and just as much enthusiasm. This is their philosophy upon which watch lovers all around the world can justifiably rely.

The ‘Swiss Made’ seal of approval, high-quality components and strict quality controls ensure that the inner and outer values of a DAVOSA will bring you pleasure for many years to come. Continuity is one of the company values. Which is why a DAVOSA is worthy of being kept for the next generation.

At DAVOSA they love beautiful watches – down to the smallest detail. These details are what make all the difference to the appeal and functionality of any watch.

"I just had to have it!" The design of a DAVOSA stands out for its perfect proportions and meticulous finish. Many agree. A lot of our buyers are ‘repeat offenders’, who can happily call several DAVOSA models their own.

DAVOSA watches have won many prizes and many tests have decided in their favour. Functionality, quality and design convince not only their customers, but also professional testers.

Davosa's proud tradition does not stop them bringing worthwhile or particularly attractive innovations into play. They are often inspired by new materials and were among the first to use a ceramic bezel for their diver’s watches. Davosa plans to remain just as open-minded in future.

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