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Damasko is a family-run company which began making mechanical watches in 1994. Damasko watches are hand crafted in Germany with passion and intellect using many in-house components together with new patented technologies and materials to produce better running, longer lasting and exceptionally durable timepieces. Aviator and diver watches make up the majority of the Damasko offerings.

With in-house manufacturing of up to 90 percent, Damasko can truly be described as a watch manufactory - a rare privilege in this day and age. Damasko's advanced in-house production depth has led to many innovative developments over the years with more than 100 patents, utility models and registered designs.

As a testament to Damasko's excellence in engineering, the Airbus Defence & Space test pilots have been able to rely on their Damasko aviator watches since 2007. Having not shown any malfunctions even under the toughest flying conditions, the Damasko DC56 aviator has been the official timepiece for the Airbus Eurofighter test pilots for over a decade.

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