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Seattle-based Coros Wearables Inc. is a sports technology company focused on the intersection of active sports and mobile lifestyles. COROS designs and engineers products that help athletes train and race with the quickness, intelligence and power to break barriers and achieve real results. The company’s athletic gear and sports wearables empower athletes worldwide, providing more enjoyable, social, safe and performance-boosting outdoor sports and fitness experiences.

The name Coros comes from the Latin, "COR", meaning heart, mind and soul. Coros also intones chorus, representing harmony. The result is Coros - your body, mind, and soul united with friends and nature, all in harmony through the power of sport.

When adventure calls your name and you need a watch that will respond, you can depend on Coros .The Coros GPS Adventure Watches provide the features and durability you need to take on even your dreams’ grandest expeditions.

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