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Ralf Tech

RALF TECH is a proudly independent family owned watch brand created in 1996 by Frank Huyghe. It is based in Paris, France and Lajoux, Switzerland. RALF TECH watches are designed in France, developed in Switzerland and tested worldwide before going into final production. They are then manufactured in either France or Switzerland.

RALF TECH carries out intensive deep-sea tests with the help of the French Navy in order to develop new technical solutions, both in terms of robustness and water resistance. This is one of the major characteristics of the brand - its watches are first tested in real conditions by those for whom they are ultimately intended.

RALF TECH is the watch manufacturer trusted by numerous military special forces around the world, as well as countless professional divers and international athletes.

RALF TECH timepieces are renowned for their legendary reliability, exceptional robustness and proven resistance to the most extreme conditions.

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