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Ralf Tech WRB is Back with New Versions

Jun 25, 2021

Initially designed for French Army divers (delivered between October 2019 and June 2020), the WRB was available in only two versions for civilians. Following its success, the WRB is back this summer with a new collection of 6 different versions. The last little one is back! This second series of WRB keeps its original dimensions of 39mm diameter.

DAVOSA Ternos Professional GMT TT

Jun 15, 2021

The ability to display a second time zone in addition to your current time, also known as a GMT function, has become one of the most popular additional functions of mechanical wristwatches in recent years. It was therefore a logical move for Swiss watch manufacturer DAVOSA to equip its successful Ternos Professional series with this sought-after function. The Ternos Professional from DAVOSA is a true professional, equipped to accompany every diver effortlessly into the depths, transforming itself into a real eye-catcher after punctually resurfacing.

Ralf Tech WRV Update to "ELECTRIC"

Mar 17, 2021

Following the recent release of the new WRX "Electric" models, RALF TECH has launched a new generation of WRV dive watches - "WRV Electric" - combining innovative technical modifications and new finishes. This follows 2 years of development and experimentation in the natural environment - with the assistance of the French Navy.

New Squale SUB-39 Models

Mar 03, 2021

Squale have released two new versions of their SUB-39 Dive Watch Collection:
- Black Arabic (SUB-39MON)
- SuperBlue (SUB-39RD)

The New Marathon Arctic GSAR

Mar 01, 2021

Marathon's new Arctic Edition GSAR Dive Watch features a white dial which is handcrafted for increased visibility in bright and inhospitable environments. This tactical watch is forged to withstand the most extreme of conditions - including rescue work in snow-blind Arctic winters where time is of the essence and legibility is key.

DAVOSA Ternos Professional Matt Suit Limited Edition

Jan 07, 2021

The design, quality and functionality of DAVOSA’s Ternos Professional diver’s watch have generated a large fan following in no time at all. So what better thing to offer our loyal customers than a design variant in a limited edition of only 500 pieces? The main distinguishing feature of the new Matt Suit edition is that every detail of the watch, from the case to the dial to the hands, has been given a fine satined finish.


Dec 16, 2020

The Pirates are back! Or at least in spirit… It’s also RALF TECH’s leitmotiv; as a reminder, if needed, RALF TECH proudly expresses its values of independence and expertise by choosing alternative paths. As we know, RALF TECH has always been a brand linked to the marine world… It’s also a distinctive and irreverent brand. So why not combine these words and reincarnate them into a watch that is both classic and provocative. After the WRX and the WRV, it’s now the Academy’s turn to display the famous Jolly Roger, emblem of the greatest adventurers of the 18th century.

The New Ralf Tech WRX ELECTRIC

Oct 26, 2020

After 2 years of development and experimentation in the natural environment - with the assistance of the French Navy, RALF TECH has launched a new generation of WRX dive watches combining technical modifications and new finishes. These WRX are, among other things, equipped with a new “Electric” movement, new “Sandwich” dials and an innovative encapsulation system guaranteeing a real waterproofness up to 1000 certified meters.

DAVOSA Ternos Sixties

Oct 16, 2020

Davosa is reviving the spirit of the 1960s with the Sixties edition of its popular Ternos diver’s watch. In this edition, the Swiss manufacturer of high-quality mechanical watches focuses not only on materials and design, but also on how the watch feels on the wrist, in a bid to revive the carefree decade during which freedom in lifestyle and fashion became so important.

New Blue-Red Squale 2002 101 atmos Dive Watch

Sep 05, 2020

The new Blue-Red version of the Squale 2002 101 atmos dive watch is now available. This latest iteration of the iconic 2002 series features a brand new color combination with a strong personality: a blue dial with applied steel indexes and a bicolor blue and red bezel. It also comes with a stainless steel Milanese mesh bracelet.

Marathon Arctic MSAR Automatic Dive Watch Released

Aug 26, 2020

The Marathon Arctic MSAR Automatic Dive Watch features a white dial with black markings and a bright red seconds hand. A white dial watch is more easily read in very bright environments and conditions, such as in the Arctic during the summer months.

New Herodia Dive Watch Models

Jun 10, 2020

Two new striking Herodia Series 1 Dive Watch models are now available - the "Deep Blue" and "Bronzed".

DAVOSA Ternos Medium

May 04, 2020

Sporty elegance now also for narrow wrists. The Davosa Ternos Ceramic series is one of Davosa’s most popular models. So it made sense to finally launch the Ternos in a version designed as a medium version. Because Davosa creates exquisite watches for women and men that are stylish and sporty at the same time – watches that are a perfect addition to an active lifestyle.

Squale T-183 Carbon Dive Watch Released

Mar 01, 2020

The super tough, highly resistant Squale T-183 Carbon dive watch has finally been released after it's debut showing at Baselworld last year. Both Blue and Red versions now available!

Crafter Blue Hyperion Ocean Released

Dec 15, 2019

Development of this remarkable dive watch started almost five years ago and it is now finally avaiable for the public to purchase. The Hyperion Ocean professional dive watch by Crafter Blue aims to combine vintage styling with modern Swiss technology.